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Published May 07, 22
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Today's Paris is a welcoming destination whose hospitality pros willingly speak our language. But one thing hasn't changed: the better you dress in the city that invented fashion, the more Parisian you will feel. And you can probably live with that. 03 of 10 Imperial China Danita Delimont / Getty Images The sleeping dragon, China, is awake and roaring, and the world will never be the same.

It wasn’t a vintage year for hotels. Major projects stalled, big renovations failed to impress, and the industry as a whole had a serious moment of reckoning (more about that below). But those setbacks just allowed the exceptional properties to rise proudly above the rest and remind us that, every so often, a wonderful hotel is more than just a fine place to stay.

Of course, not every winner on our list goes to such extremes: A few, like the Rosewood Hong Kong and Los Angeles’s reimagined Sunset Tower Hotel, stand out more simply for their scrupulous attention to detail and impeccable service. Each of these properties, however, whether in an exotic jungle or a concrete one, on an island or in the middle of the African savanna, proved that the pleasures of a truly remarkable hotel can make the difference between a good trip and a great one.

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In 2017 she set to work on her second hotel—another conversion project, this time in the Loire Valley of France—and, in August of last year, announced the launch of Pilot Hotels. The name of her brand came from her long-time love of sailing, but it could be argued that it’s a self-reference, too, as Holthus stands at the helm of a new age for luxury hotels that throws the old touchstones of reliability and predictability out the window in favor of surprises at every turn.

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It’s the kind of hotel that could never be replicated or standardized—and we’re hoping to see many more like it (and yet, totally unlike it) in Pilot’s future. DESIGN HOTEL:Shinta Mani Wild Bill Bensley had proven himself the doyen of hotel design long before Shinta Mani Wild. The Bangkok-based architect has built his name on innovation for decades, producing near-impossible projects such as the Royal Istana (a Malaysian palace he spent 15 years renovating) and the Capella Ubud (where he convinced the owner to downsize from 133 to 22 rooms in the name of saving an entire forest).

Though the handcrafted textiles and elevated terraces with daybeds and hammered-metal bathtubs are as eye-catching as we’d expect, it’s the resort’s labyrinthine footprint—winding in and out of the canopy and balanced almost precariously on the edge of a thundering waterfall—that proves Bensley’s still got it. Everything is positioned perfectly for bird’s-eye views of the flora and fauna below, and nothing has been built at the expense of the ecosystem—not even the arrival, which isn’t via road or boat, but rather by a zip line that traverses more than 70 feet over the verdant river valley.

A decade ago, few foreigners had even heard of the Seto Inland Sea, let alone endeavored to visit it. But as the region grows into a world-renowned art destination—it’s home to both the Benesse Art Site and the Setouchi Triennale—the demand for a stylish place to stay has increased. And Guntû has delivered.

When Mammoth Dunes at Sand Valley Resort debuted last summer, it made plenty of waves for its substantial size. Stretching almost 7,000 yards, with extra-wide—some even argued unnecessarily wide—fairways, the David Mc, Lay Kidd course was no doubt true to its name. But the par-73 green giant turned out to be massively fun, too: Those sweeping, broad slopes and 80-foot-tall sand dunes aren’t nearly as intimidating in actual play—in fact, they’re like insurance, correcting against little mistakes that would have big consequences on other courses.

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As far as sophomore efforts go, this one was a long time coming, but upon a little bit of reflection (and a few Austin-inspired treatments), we’re pretty sure it was well worth the wait. CRUISE SHIP:Seabourn Ovation Yes, you can order Champagne and caviar any time, and anywhere, on Seabourn Ovation.

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Walls of windows allow light to infuse the resort’s many spaces. This is exactly what Champagne needed and what weary, perhaps slightly tipsy, travelers need as a respite between tastings.

Vegan options are also offered. As you would expect, activities revolve around the water, and the resort provides all the equipment you need to paddleboard, snorkel, dive, and kayak in the crystal-clear waters. If you'd like to learn more about the island's ecology and conservation, you can visit the eco-station and chat with the researchers.